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Function: intransitive verb
Etymology: Middle English; akin to Middle High German luren to lie in wait - 1 a : to lie in wait in a place of concealment especially for an evil purpose b : to move furtively or inconspicuously c : to persist in staying 2 a : to be concealed but capable of being discovered; specifically : to constitute a latent threat b : to lie hidden
- lurk noun
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In Internet culture, a lurker is a person who reads discussions on a message board, newsgroup, chatroom or other interactive system, but rarely participates.

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2010 Calendar

May 21-23 Smilefest in NC, Michael Franti and getting back to roots!
May 27-30 Summer Camp 10th Aniversary Peoria IL
July 8-11 AllGood Festival Masontown WV
Aug 6 Shady Lane / Mountain Sprout Manhattan, KS
Aug 14-15 PHISH Alpine Valley, WI
Aug 22 Aerosmith The World, IL
Aug 28 Lit Joliet, IL
Aug 28 Indycar Race Joliet, IL
Sept 4 Kansas New Lenox, IL
Sept 23 The Wall Chicago
Oct 8 Groove Sauce Joliet, IL
October 30 The Wall Kansas City
November 12 Further Chicago
November 17 Niagara Falls
November 18 Gettysburg

2011 Summer Camp, Wakarusa, All Good

2012 For sure...
SummerCamp 10th one!
PHISH Alpine Valley
moe. Ribfest
EcoFest MO
Shangri La MN
Walnut Valley Festival KS
Harvest Festival AR

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Wakarusa 2007
Beautiful weather, good friends, and a total reversal of the concentration camp vibe made it a memorable four days. Wakarusa has turned the corner from an amateurish attempt at a festival to one that will be remembered as world class... more...

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Summer Camp Festival 2007
version 5 of Regular Joe, Keller, and lurker moe. Friday Cornmeal and Vince Herman give a pickin' workshop Beth @ moe. Saturday Everybody @ moe. Sunday
Daily rain, lost my shoes the first day, moe., met Vince Herman, met old friends, Umphries, made some new friends, all in all it was typical Summer Camp! more...

Thanksgiving 2006 ~ Chicago
Catfish Jenkins and moe.
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It was a short stay in Chicago for Thanksgiving but got alot of things done. Drove all day Wednesday and got into Chi just in time to head to see Catfish Jenkins for the first time in a couple of years. Saturday was the first moe. show I'd seen since Summer Camp... more...
Disco Biscuits ~ Lawrence, Kansas

Despite late doors and chilly weather we had a good time getting ready for the show on the street. Met up with people who came in for the show from Austin thinking it was going to be the closest show to them until the Memphis show on Tuesday was signed. They're going home and to a few classes then back on the road! The bouncer noticed us taking pictures and when I went in he told me no cameras were allowed (as if I didn't see the huge sign on the door) and I told him I wouldn't use it with a flash but he said no pictures were allowed so I agreed. Hence no pix of the band.

Despite a late start, we were treated to two generous sets and an encore that weaved in and out and rocked non-stop throughout. I watched the first set from near the front row which would have been perfect for flash pictures but as Disco uses such strong backlighting effects they wouldn't have come out without a flash and since I told that really big yellow shirt I wouldn't I didn't. I don't know it it is common but at one point four cop cars with lights on stopped in front of the venue and two of them came in and went to the front. They came out alone so whatever the problem was must have worked itself out. Another sign of police presence at jam venues in Lawrence? We will have to wait and see.
Umphreys McGee ~ Lawrence, Kansas
MySpace friend Marla MySpace friends Kevin and Jeff Paul does a song on Mass. Brendan Bayliss
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Spearhead/Victor Wooten ~ Lawrence, Kansas
The "Yell Fire" show comes to Kansas!
We Are Family! Spearites Jackie & Brian
Once again Michael takes time to pose with fans.
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10,000 Lakes Festival 2006
We took advantage of the generous space alloted and quickly set up camp. As at most festivals, everybody has alot of cold beer and ice on early arrival day so beer bongs seemed in order. The result is of course, the building of the... more...
All the comforts of home, including the picket fence!
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All Good 2006
All Good was, as expected, the finest festival site in on the circuit. Some new additions and planning, together with good weather made it memorable not to mention the great shows by The Black Crows and Trey and Mike will make it legendary. Great, long lasting late nighters by Greyboy and Disco Biscuits.
The line of incoming campers Thursday night from the tent window.  We were quite pleased with ourselves that we had an admirable campsite set up with torches burning to welcome the new arrivals!  Actually we discussed several times how much the folks in cars were hating us!
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Gettysburg 2006
The annual campaign was a complete success!
Side trip to Harper's Ferry with Jim, Laura and Pam was a fun day chasing and photographing trains and each other!  Recent rains had swollen the rivers to near flood levels. OK we did goof off alot and pose for the cameras. Harper's is in a beautiful spot at the junction of rivers and railroads.  Mountain tunnels and bridges make an enchanting setting for this historic spot. Laura as Annie Ethridge Our group of regulars at the campgrounds were often joined by old friends. Sue with the newest member of the group. John Heiser's tours are always a real treat....
...with a regiment of followers. Waiting for sunset at Little Round Top... ...with Gen. G.K.Warren.
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Shack 2006
Although it was the Lite version of Shack, it turned out to be three days of partying on the Raging DuPage River with awsome people.
Hanging out with old friends in an idyllic setting makes for a relaxing start of a month long vacation. The Moon Walk was popular with almost everyone.  Sometimes brutal, especially late night, it was a good way to spend excess energy by kids of all ages Belly up to the bar!  Delicious shots of all flavors! It's a family affair.  Sitting around the eternal campfire
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Wakarusa 2006
The Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival takes it's name from the Wakarusa River and the Indian word Wakarusa means "ass deep". I didn't get to wade in the river to test it's depth but festival goers were ass deep in... more...

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Summer Camp Festival 2006
Keller Guitar workshop  version4 The Camp Stage
You know what they say... "Go see live music!" Four days of music and camping with friends, old and new, moe., Keller and ... more...

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the Invisible Man
How to make the costume.
the Invisible Man
A few years ago I decided to be the Invisible Man for Halloween. I got the invisible pills, available on the internet, and they worked pretty good except it was a cold night and ... more

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"I Know I'm Not Alone" Lawrence Kansas screening
Franti and friends on Mass Ave Film maker Michael Franti  Everybody joins in! Vivian rocks out! we don't stop.
The Lawrence, Kansas screening of Michael Franti's award winning film "I Know I'm Not Alone... more...

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Lonley Planet Tour
Chicago, 9.24.5
lurker, Michael Franti and Regular Joe @ Park West for Lonely Planet Passport Tour

Birthday party in Chicago at Michael Franti's Lonely Planet Tour more...

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All Good Music Festival 2005
These are pretty big pix if you click 'em.  Maybe you'll see yourself! Keller as always did a great show and with the new touring schedules we got to see him with Yonder Mountain AND with Spearhead!! I was really happy to get to meet Michael Franti again.  He said he remembered me from Summer Camp.  I got him to autograph the shirt Heather had just tie-dyed for me.  Life is good! I like this place, I don't want to leave.  Much better than reality.
Thirty days of camping all over the east coast I ended up at Marvin's Mountain near Masontown West Virginia. I'd been here before and though I knew I'd had a good time... more...

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Gettysburg Campaign 2005
A week of camping at the Battlefield
Camping with old and new friends at Artillery Ridge Campground has become a tradition.  We have reservations for 2006.  Plan to join us there! Generals Jones, Stuart, and Trimble at the National Wax Museum, one of many events of the Civil War Heritage Foundation Yankees await the arrival of the Rebs at the Wall Ceremony.  The Civil War Heritage Foundation has comemorated the 1913 symbolic ceremony by veterans for eight years...   .. and the Rebels do arrive.  After the Wall there is a moving ceremony at the Armistead Monument.

Camping with old and new friends at Artillery Ridge Campground has become a tradition. Side trips to Sharpsburg and Fairfield, a birthday party, Living History and more...

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SHACK 2005

An annual event on the raging DuPage River in Illinois, SHACK is always a good time.  Hosted by Jacks Brains it was once again a big success. John saved the day with emergency computer repairs to the Camp Stage, a spot for artists to show off their talent and get together for some jammin' lurker on the Camp Stage Friday playing to biggest audience ever.  Gotta admit I was pretty nervous but the crowd seemed to enjoy a looped cover of JacksBrains 'Take It To Your Grave'  Jacks Brains rocks the Saturday crowd!
An annual event on the raging DuPage River in Illinois, SHACK is always a good time. Hosted by Jacks Brains it was once again a big success. more...

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Summer Camp 2005
turned out to be a weekend of hanging with rock stars!
Theresa Andersson Chris Haugen Michael Franti Keller and Regular Joe moe. from the lighting booth
Went to the Main Stage early to be front row for Keller Williams and saw Donna the Buffalo with CJ and we met Dorothy from Kansas. Toto was not in attendance. Donna put on a good show despite equipment glitches. It started to rain near the end of their set. As the rain got harder the equipment was moved further backstage then removed. Their guitar player held out to the bitter end rocking the dwindling crowd til he and his guitar were all that was left onstage. We decided to hold our place for Keller and got soaked.more...

Article ~ First Trip to Gettysburg
Me and some of the boys pose for a picture.
I was tired after the 12 hour drive from my parent's home in Indiana but I was excited. I was finally going to see the Battlefield I had been reading about late into the nights for the past few months. The scenery from the Turnpike to Gettysburg is beautiful, with deep woods on long ridges and off to the west sometimes a glimpse of mountains. I turned off the highway onto Taneytown Road and dismissed an eerie feeling that raised the hair on the back of my neck as I wondered if the hill to the west was Big Roundtop. I drove up Taneytown Road to Artillery Ridge Campground where I started an adventure that will continue for the rest of my life.

Right on schedule I pulled into the campground and spotted the group of people I had so far had only met on the internet. I had been coresponding with several members of Military History Online since I decided to visit the Battlefield. Their invitation to camp with them during my visit was greatly appreciated... more...

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Photos and Story ~ All Good Festival 2004

Theressa and Keller

The campsite band

Picture a bright blue ball spinning free...
Coming from Lancaster, PA I drove five easy hours on great interstate, stopping only to climb Sliddell Hill on I 68. Nice VC and beautiful view. Stopped in LaVale, one of my favorite towns, had lunch and got groceries for the three day event. New to being at festivals alone I am not too experienced in grocery shopping so I played it safe and bought non-perishables. An orange, two Snickers, and a can of Pringles. Sam Addams and ice. Leaving Interstate at Morgansville there was maybe 30 miles of narrow mountain roads full of gravel trucks. Nice drive, ate the Snickers. Line was not too long and was directed into a big valley full of cars and campgrounds. Had to drive all the way across the valley and into the next for parking. Right away I decided to be friendly and took over for the parking guy. It was boring but I did get to wave that big red flagmore...

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Theressa Andersson Particle, Keller Theresa Andersson
The First Annual Wakarusa Festival was held near Lawrence Kansas home of the Jayhawks. Besides this patriotic bird the only noteworthy sight on the way was a microwave tower that was being removed after being blown down in a storm a few weeks earlier. The Festival was held at Clinton Lake. As I walked up to the Sundown Stage Papa Mali was on with a girl fiddle player sitting in. I saw her play twice more the first day but never did get her name. We will see her again though, she is totally hot. Walking from the parking lot to the festival I hooked up with Amy and Jason, both from Lawrence. We saw the end of Drums & Tuba and spent some time checking out the legal vendors. Nicole was nice enough to let us share her shade... more...

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Photos and Story ~ Summer Camp 2004, The Evacuation

Tornado Evacuees!

In the Jacks Brains campsite

Reg, Keller and lurker

Keller loopless Monday
Just as we were preparing to leave the camp for the evening shows that would close the festival the Sunshine Stage PA announced that we must evacuate the park because of tornado warnings. Quickly packing what we would take and securing what we would leave we started through the mud to the parking lot. The sky looked worse and worse and it started to rain just as we got to the parking lot. Made plans to meet at a nearby grocery store to make plans on where to stay overnight. The evacuation was very orderly and no panic was evident. Cell phones rock! Everybody got together and headed for Peoria where we secured rooms by phone. more...

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Photos ~ Civil War Heritage Foundation and The Wedding

Trimble, Longstreet,
and Stuart
General G K Warren
The Wedding
Autumn and Bruce

July 4 2003 Living History Encampment
presented by Civil War Heritage Foundation
at the National Wax Museum
The Wedding
July 4 at Gettysburg National Military Park my friends Autumn Mindek and Bruce Bump were joined in marriage.

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Photos ~ Sharpsburg 2003, The Wall 2003, Texas BBQ, Fairfield
Armistead Monument
Texas BBQ
Gettysburg July 2003 ~ We all loaded up on a bus anticipating a quick ride to Sharpsburg and spend the day there under the tutelage of Wayne Wachsmuth LBG examining the ground. The ground drives the battle. I had been to Antitam National Battlefield before on a rainy Tuesday with the field to myself so I was interested in walking the ground with this group. more...

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Photos ~ The Frozen Muster -- MHO Fall Muster 2002

Civil War
Veterans Reunions
Alyce Army
It was COLD!
Iverson's Brigade,
Chuck Teague
Dinner at Gina's
Scott Mingus Wargaming
After a pizza lunch on the field Alyce Army gave a talk about the Civil War Veterans Reunions. Facing into a cold wind while the rest of huddled in the wind shadow of the Peace Monument, Alyce told the story of how each of the reunions was organized and why. Her stories were sprinkled with humor and an occasional sad note and were all entertaining and obviously well researched. The actuarial tables for each of the reunions were most interesting with the vets beating the odds each time. Politics, personal interests, vanity, and money all entered into the planning of the reunions but in the end the veterans themselves, and their continued presence on the field, determined how the field is presented to the public and perceived today.
Evergreen Cemetery
The Proposal

Photos ~ Artillery Ridge Campground Diorama
Hi-res photos of the HO scale diorama of Gettysburg at Artillery Ridge Campground.

Bloody Lane from
the Observation Tower.
Burnside Bridge
Dunker Church
Photos ~ Sharpsburg October 2002

All alone on the Antitam National Battlefield on a rainy Tuesday morning I play photographer.

The Firehouse
Photos ~ Harpers Ferry October 2002

All alone at Harper's Ferry on a rainy Tuesday afternoon I play photographer.

Evergreen Tour
Big Roundtop
The Railroad Cut
Little Known Places...
Photos ~ Gettysburg July 6, 2002

Timber's Farm
Evergreen Cemerery
Little Roundtop
Tours, tours, tours.
Photos ~ Gettysburg July 1-3, 2002

Photos ~ Summer Camp 2003
Steph, Uncle Jimmy,
and Regular Joe
Charlotte, Gwen
& Reg
K-Dub loopless
Kuhn and Alecia
It rained five of the seven hours driving to Summer Camp 2003 mostly on two lane highways. The lurkermobile though is excellent for that kind of driving and passing, even on hilly and curving roads it's easy. It stopped raining around Hannibal. This was the first time I crossed the River here and was surprised at how small the bridge was. I was also surprised to meet Reg and Kuhn as soon as I got there as I didn't think they would be there. We hauled all our crap in as soon as we found the JacksBrains campsite. Uncle Jimmy, Gwen, Stephanie and Charlotte had arrived the night before and set up a camp with two locals, Erin and Alecia. more...

Article ~ Texas Tech Trip / Buddy Holly April, 2003

Bio Page ~ Catfish Jenkins lurker

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